Best Programming Languages for Android App Development

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Best Programming Languages for Android

App Development


Do you have at least some idea how frequently you check your cell phone in a day? No? Indeed, as indicated by a few standard reports, that is a bewildering 100+ times each day (Basically for us recent college grads… The remainder of the populace is somewhat saner). Furthermore, the explanation we are so dependent on our telephones is the mind-boggling tangible experience they give in our regular routines. In what way, you inquire? Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, WhatsApp (Need I go on?!!)


So basically, cell phone applications are a vital piece of our day to day routines. They can be utilized to make associations, acquire data, or simply have a good time! And keeping in mind that making a cell phone application is likewise fun, it requires somewhat more direction, explicitly in picking the right programming language. That is the reason this article manages the top programming dialects expected for Android Application Advancement (Android since I like it!). Likewise, to figure out how to make your own android application and investigate the very front in the realm of application improvement, we at GeeksforGeeks have organized an exceptional Android Application Improvement Course for Fledglings – Independent. Best Programming Languages For Android App Development


This course will assist fledglings with achieving their objectives of creating Android Applications by utilizing Java programming language.


Which Language to Choose?!!!


While Kotlin is the authority language for Android, there are numerous different dialects that can be utilized for Android Application Advancement. Insights concerning these are given underneath to assist you with settling on an educated choice.

Now we Will Discuss About Best Programming Languages For Android App Development

Best Programming Languages For Android App Development.

Best Programming Languages For Android App Development.

  1. JAVA


Java, first and foremost, was the authority language for Android Application Improvement (however presently it was supplanted by Kotlin) and thus, it is the most involved language too. Large numbers of the applications in the Play Store are worked with Java, and it is additionally the most upheld language by Google. Notwithstanding this, Java has an extraordinary web-based local area for help in the event of any issues (And trust me, there will be issues!).


Nonetheless, Java is a muddled language for a novice to use as it contains complex themes like constructors, invalid pointer exemptions, simultaneousness, really look at special cases, and so on. Likewise, The Android Programming Improvement Unit (SDK) expands the intricacy to another level!

With everything taken into account, Java is an extraordinary language to encounter the full delights of Android Application Improvement. Best Programming Languages For Android App Development. Notwithstanding, it could be somewhat complicated for amateurs who might like to begin with something simpler and afterward return to it.




Presently Kotlin is the authority language for Android Application Advancement announced by Google in 2019. Kotlin is a cross-stage programming language that might be utilized as an option in contrast to Java for Android Application Improvement. It has likewise presented as an optional “official” Java language in 2017. Kotlin can interoperate with Java and it runs on the Java Virtual Machine.


The main sizable contrast is that Kotlin eliminates the unnecessary elements of Java like invalid pointer exemptions. It likewise eliminates the need of finishing each line with a semicolon. So, Kotlin is a lot easier for fledglings to attempt when contrasted with Java and it can likewise be utilized as an “passage point” for Android Application Improvement.


  1. C++


C++ can be utilized for Android Application Advancement utilizing the Android Local Improvement Kit(NDK). Nonetheless, an application can’t be made absolutely utilizing C++ and the NDK is utilized to execute portions of the application in C++ local code. This assists in involving C++ with coding libraries for the application as required.


While C++ is helpful for Android Application Improvement at times, it is considerably more hard to set up and is significantly less adaptable. It might likewise prompt more bugs as a result of the expanded intricacy. Thus, it is smarter to utilize Java when contrasted with C++ as it doesn’t give sufficient increase to balance the endeavors required.

  1. C#

C# is very like Java thus it is great for Android Application Improvement. Like Java, C# additionally executes trash assortment so there are less possibilities of memory spills. What’s more, C# likewise has a cleaner and less complex sentence structure than Java which makes coding with it similarly simpler.


Prior, the greatest disadvantage of C# was that it could run exclusively on Windows frameworks as it utilized the .NET System. In any case, this issue was dealt with by Xamarin. Android (previously Mono for Android) is a cross-stage execution of the Normal Language Framework. Presently, Xamarin. Android devices can be utilized to compose local Android applications and offer the code across different stages.


Best Programming Languages For Android App Development.

Best Programming Languages For Android App Development.

Python can be utilized for Android Application Advancement despite the fact that Android doesn’t uphold local Python improvement. This should be possible utilizing different instruments that convert the Python applications into Android Bundles that can run on Android gadgets.


An illustration of this is Kivy which is an open-source Python library utilized for creating portable applications. It upholds Android and furthermore energizes fast application improvement (which is a mutually beneficial arrangement as per me!). Notwithstanding, a disadvantage to this is that there won’t be local advantages for Kivy as it isn’t locally upheld. Best Programming Languages For Android App Development.


6. HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Android applications can be made utilizing HTML, CSS, and JavaScript utilizing the Adobe PhoneGap structure that is fueled by Apache Cordova. The PhoneGap system essentially permits the use of web advancement abilities to make half and half applications that are appeared on the other side “WebView” however are bundled like an application.

While the Adobe PhoneGap structure is enough for essential errands in the domain of Android Application Advancement, it barely requires a lot programming with the exception of JavaScript. Furthermore, since it needs a ton of work to try and make a good application, it is smarter to involve different dialects in this rundown to be known as a genuine Android developer(Yes… That is a thing!). In any case, assuming you are OK with Javascript, you can learn Respond Local, which is an open-source system that is currently exceptionally popular. Best Programming Languages For Android App Development. You can foster lovely and strong Crossover applications with respond local means your application will be on android and ios both. Cross breed application improvement is getting so much well known so learning respond local can assist you with making your transporter in Programming advancement.


7. Dart 

Disregarding Dart as a programming language in the present setting would resemble overlooking the gorilla in the room (on the grounds that the elephant is java). Dart is an open-source programming language that controls the Vacillate system, which is building up forward movement these days in light of its capacity to convey lovely and execution applications for the web, work area, and versatile in lesser time.

Best Programming Languages For Android App Development.

Best Programming Languages For Android App Development.

The key selling point of dart is that it is planned by Google as a client-upgraded language for quick applications on any stage. Dart principally centers around making UI improvement simpler for engineers with elements, for example, hot-reload, which allows designers to see changes immediately while chipping away at the application. Dart is additionally known for its quick exhibition, it accumulates to ARM and x64 machine code for portable, work area, and backend. Best Programming Languages For Android App Development. Best Programming Languages For Android App Development. What’s more, to JavaScript for the web applications.




Crown is a product improvement unit that can be utilized for creating Android applications utilizing Lua. It has two functional modes, to be specific Crown Test system and Crown Local. Best Programming Languages For Android App Development. The Crown Test system is utilized to fabricate applications straightforwardly while the Crown Local is utilized to incorporate the Lua code with an Android Studio undertaking to assemble an application utilizing local elements.


While Lua is somewhat restricted when contrasted with Java, it is additionally a lot less complex and has a more straightforward expectation to learn and adapt. Besides, there are construct adaptation highlights as well as different resources and modules that advance the application improvement experience. Crown is generally used to make designs applications and games yet is in no way, shape or form restricted to that.




Presently, now is the ideal time to go forward and vanquish Android!!!


There are a great deal of applications like Visit Courier, Music players, Games, Number crunchers, and so on that can be made utilizing the above dialects. What’s more, there is no language that can be known as a “right language” for Android Application Improvement. Best Programming Languages For Android App Development. Thus, it’s upon you to settle on the right decision of language based on your targets and inclinations for every individual task. Also, consistently recollect, anything your decision, it will just extend your range of abilities and lead to your development as an Android designer. Best Programming Languages For Android App Development.