7 Best cricket websites for every cricket lover [Updated]

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7 Best cricket websites for every cricket lover [Updated]


Here are the 7 cricket sites that will assist you with outdoing the game…

Cricket, is a game, and religion to many individuals out there. On the off chance that one chooses to recline easily in a taxi and partake in Mumbai’s visit, his eyes will look at something normal; kids playing cricket. There are such countless in India that get a bat and fantasy about becoming Tendulkar or Dhoni or Kohli, yet few out of every odd dream understand. As gorgeous as the game is to play, so is it to watch. India most certainly leads the world with regard to cricket viewership.

        India versus New Zealand semi-last of the 2019 ICC Cricket World Cup drew 25.3 million watchers on Hotstar. It made a world record for the most elevated-ever simultaneous viewership of a live stream.

        India versus Pakistan bunch stage match in the 2019 World Cup turned into the most-watched coordinate with 273 million watchers watching the television inclusion, and the computerized stage’s inclusion saw an additional 50 million extraordinary watchers

        All the combined viewership of various matches made the 2019 Cricket World Cup the most-watched ICC occasion ever with 1.6 billion crowds observing live inclusion and an extraordinary transmission crowd of an incredible 705 million!

There are times when individuals like to have a view on only the scorecard and not the inclusion because of a few clear reasons. Attributable to time deficiencies, individuals favor fresh updates as opposed to watching the full inclusion.

Here we assist you with probably the best cricket sites out there on the web, which will give you an adept cricket examination.

1. ESPN Cricinfo

There is a justification for why it is one of the most well-known cricket sites. ESPN Cricinfo gives the most nitty-gritty insights. To know the total report (scorecard, Mother, and so on) of the matches played at say Wankhede Arena, Mumbai, the site gives you design-wise aftereffects of the matches played at the arena.

ESPN Cricinfo

ESPN Cricinfo

The ball-by-ball inclusion, the pre-match inclusion, and the post-match inclusion are extraordinary.

The site was sent off on the fifteenth Walk 1993 by Simon Ruler and Badri Seshadri. While the previous is an English specialist at the College of Minnesota, the last option is a Ph.D. in Mechanical Designing from Cornell College. They likewise got help from understudies and analysts at colleges all over the planet.

The site additionally includes articles and web journals from cricket specialists like Akash Chopra, Sanjay Manjrekar, and Ian Chappell.

Cricinfo was the perfection of a progression of endeavors that were made to just illuminate a person that a match had happened a day or five days back, and this was the outcome. That was really it, nothing past that

–          Badri Seshadri, prime supporter of Cricinfo, in his article “The bot referred to Cricinfo as”

2. Cricbuzz

Best, the fresh investigation is an essential component of Cricbuzz. The landing page of Cricbuzz and ESPNCricinfo are essentially similar in design.



Cricbuzz was established in 2004 by Pankaj Chhaparwal, Piyush Agrawal, and Pravin Hegde. In November 2014, Times Web obtained a greater part stake in Cricbuzz. GoCricket, which was sent off by Times Web in mid-2014, was converged with Cricbuzz to make the biggest cricket news stage.


In December 2016, Cricbuzz roped in Harsha Bhogle, one of the best reporters of cricket into a program called ‘Voice of Cricket’. Harsha Bhogle’s recordings principally incorporate sites and audits of players and groups separated from match reviews. On twentieth April 2017, Cricbuzz declared that Bhogle’s recordings crossed the otherworldly figure of 100 million perspectives across its foundation. His recordings created a normal viewership of north of 5 lakhs consistently.

3. Wisden

Probably one of the oldest and the most interesting cricket website out there on the internet. The history of the website is more like a fairy tale.

In the mid-nineteenth century, there was a very prominent cricketer nicknamed “the Little Wonder.” OK! His real name was John Wisden. Wisden had an idea that led him to sell all his sports equipment and turn to the publishing side. He produced the inaugural Wisden Cricketers’ Almanack in 1864. Wisden was probably the leading multi-sports equipment brand in England in the early part of the 20th century.



Even after years, Wisden continues to maintain its sacredness. Wisden’s cricketer Almanack is often labeled as the ‘Bible of Cricket’.

On its homepage, Wisden features a very disciplined context with respect to cricket and its coverage. There is a matching center where all the updates of live matches are available. It also details the upcoming fixtures, and the results of completed matches and hosts a complete series achieve. Wisden has numerous stories centered around cricket and also has many podcasts and videos around cricket.

4. Mricket365

This is an extremely fascinating one! In the event that you end up visiting the Cricket365 site, most certainly visit Our Ethos segment. Here is an extremely intriguing selection from that part, credit completely goes to Cricket365:

“We love cricket and nearly every little thing about it, and we’re eager to impart everything to you, whether it’s Virat Kohli’s easy skim towards all-time significance, Monty Panesar having a broadcast test complete implosion, or David Warner batting right-gave.”

When contrasted with different sites, Cricket365 separated from having the highlights of live inclusion, elements, and occasion-wise unique inclusion (ex. Remains, World Cup, and so forth) it includes an assortment of articles and web journals by top scholars like Dave Tickner, Dan Liebke, Alex Bowden, John Nicolson, Will Passage, and James Head servant. They all cover an extensive variety of cricket-driven themes.

5. ICC Cricket

There is possibly anything more one could tell than what the name justifies. It is the official website cum app of the International Cricket Council, which covers all current international fixtures along with results, videos, ICC news, and rankings. Probably the most authentic and reliable website in terms of the information provided. This is the best place for all cricket enthusiasts who are hungry for all ICC developments and announcements.

A detailed schedule of all kinds of tours, be it men’s cricket or women’s cricket is available on the website.

ICC Cricket

ICC Cricket

6. Lords.org

Enough details and installations! We should take in simple and visit the home of cricket “Ruler’s”. The spot holds an exceptional memory in each cricket fan’s heart in some or alternate manner. For Indians, Dada’s pullover swing in the gallery of Ruler’s is immemorable. The famous distinctions sheets and the impossible-to-miss custom of ringing the ringer to flag 5 minutes before the beginning of the play and the set of experiences related to it are accessible on the site. Likewise, one can get to find out about the renowned Ruler’s Eating Club on their site. Be that as it may, perhaps the most gorgeous thing about the site is the notorious picture of the Master’s arena on the fundamental page.

7. KreedOn 

KreedOn is a games-rich substance site that covers cricket as well as different games as well. The site has plenty of competitor stories and memoirs. It likewise incorporates every one of the most recent happenings around the environment of the Indian game. From master online journals to articles including inside and out examination, the site furnishes you with a to z of the Indian games and their turns of events